Friday, April 30, 2010

Humor Your Stress

Did you know that humor and laughter can be used to help you cope with stress? Quietly as it is has been kept, research has been going on for the last 50 plus years that laughing enhances your immune system. I would like to introduce you to the ways that laughing can help you to cope with the stress of every day as well as on-going chronic illnesses.


  1. Saturday was extremely stressful for me, and the water crisis didn't help. I was feeling blah, easily aggravated but I had tickets to the Sommore show @ the Wilbur theatre. I'm so happy I went, I laughed so much and felt 100% better. I humored my stress away... : )

  2. I'm a current student of Dorothea, and it's a great class. I needed this class to balance off the stress of my 3 other classes. Thank you.... ; o )

  3. I seen Sommore twice. I have her tapes when she was on Comic View. I truly love female comediennes. She is too funny! She will definitely adjust your attitude.